Restoring Monkey Habitat in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Welcome to our restoration project aimed at revitalizing the habitat of monkeys in the biodiverse Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. We are dedicated to restoring degraded habitats and ensuring the survival of monkey species through strategic partnerships with both local and international organizations.

Our Project:
Our restoration project in the Osa Peninsula focuses on rehabilitating degraded habitats crucial for the survival of monkey species indigenous to the region. By restoring their natural habitat, we aim to promote the long-term sustainability of these vital primate populations.

Local Partnerships:
We collaborate closely with local conservation organizations, community groups, and indigenous communities in the Osa Peninsula. By working hand in hand with local partners, we ensure that our restoration efforts align with community needs and priorities, fostering local stewardship of natural resources.

International Collaborations:
In addition to our local partnerships, we engage with international conservation organizations, research institutions, and funding agencies. These collaborations provide us with access to expertise, resources, and support necessary for implementing effective restoration strategies and monitoring the long-term success of our project.

Join Our Efforts:
We invite you to join us in our mission to restore and preserve the habitat of monkeys in the Osa Peninsula. Whether you’re a local organization, an international partner, a community member, or a concerned individual, there are various ways to support our restoration efforts and contribute to the conservation of this unique and biodiverse region.

Inventories on the trees planted takes place twice a year to make sure all trees are marked and we can know the survival success of the trees.

Planted shrub of Miconia schlimii, part of the diet of the squirrel monkey and planted in CR-0007, one of our restoration plots