Our Monkey Watching Program:

Promoting Responsible Tourism and Conservation

We are dedicated to promoting responsible tourism practices while supporting the conservation of monkey species in their natural habitats. Our program focuses on training and certifying guides, hotels, and tour operators to ensure that monkey watching activities are conducted ethically and sustainably.

Our Mission:
At the heart of our program is a dual commitment: to safeguard the well-being of monkey populations and to promote a green economy through responsible tourism practices. By educating and certifying guides, hotels, and tour operators, we aim to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on monkeys and their habitats while maximizing the positive contributions to local communities, the environment and science.

Certifying Good Practices:
Through comprehensive training modules, our program equips guides, hotels, and tour operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct monkey watching activities responsibly. From understanding primate behavior and habitat conservation to practicing low-impact tourism techniques, our certification ensures that participants adhere to ethical standards and conservation guidelines.

Supporting Conservation Efforts:
By promoting responsible monkey watching practices, we contribute to the conservation of monkey species and their habitats. Minimizing disturbances caused by tourism activities helps reduce stress on monkey populations and preserves their natural behaviors, ultimately supporting their long-term survival in the wild.

Promoting a Green Economy:
By engaging in responsible tourism practices, guides, hotels, and tour operators not only contribute to conservation efforts but also enhance the overall visitor experience, leading to positive economic outcomes for local communities.

Join Our Initiative:
We invite guides, hotels, and tour operators to participate in our Monkey Watching Program and become certified practitioners of responsible tourism. By joining our initiative, you not only demonstrate your commitment to conservation but also contribute to the promotion of a green economy that benefits both people and nature!

Write us at dsolano@fundacionsaimiri.org

List of Monkey Watching certified guides