Exploring Squirrel Monkey Ecology in Anthropogenic Landscapes

We are dedicated to understanding the ecology of primates and especially squirrel monkeys (Saimiri oerstedii) in non-protected landscapes. Through rigorous fieldwork, we have mapped the distribution of these primates in human-altered environments, shedding light on their adaptability and habitat preferences,  as well as the threats they face.

Key Discoveries:
– Distribution Mapping: Our research has successfully identified the distribution patterns of squirrel monkeys in human-altered landscapes, providing valuable insights into their spatial behavior amidst human activities.
– Novel Food Items: We have uncovered a variety of food items in the diet of squirrel monkeys that were previously undocumented. This discovery expands our knowledge of their dietary habits and ecological role in their environment.

Implications for Conservation:
Our findings hold significant implications for conservation efforts aimed at protecting squirrel monkeys and their habitats in anthropogenic landscapes. By understanding their distribution and dietary flexibility, we can develop targeted conservation strategies that promote their coexistence with human activities.

Join Our Journey:
Explore our research program and join us in our mission to uncover the secrets of squirrel monkey ecology in anthropogenic landscapes. Together, we can contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of these fascinating primates.

Contact us at dsolano@fundacionsaimiri.org